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Now that summertime is almost over, a dress that can effortlessly take you from summer through winter transitions is exactly what you need in your wardrobe. Luckily, we’ve got the dress for you, on site right now and more to come. So, get ready to take on any outfit dilemma, anytime of the day. See how mom of two styled her dress form summer to fall and why her look allows her flexibility to be stylish and keep up wit her two young kids. We’ve got a feeling you will want to follow these tips as well.

Q: When shopping for a dress or other clothing items what do you look for ?

A: Well since both my children are 4 and under right now, I try to look for something that is takes on water and detergent very well. My kids mange to get everything of theirs on me, so I find that I am always washing something of mines and theirs. So Durability is one. But as far as style and design I am always looking for something that I don’t have to put much thought into and can be paired with things I already own . It needs to be stylish, and above all comfortable. Beside being a mom of two I am also a preschool teacher. So I need to be able to move freely, without having to keep adjusting.

Q: How do you feel about our Kim Flair Dress?

A: I absolutely love it, It hits all the check-marks for what I look for – for my clothes. And how it just goes with so many things I already own, I can’t wait to shop The Royal Orange boutique. And I love how The Royal Orange is so invested in to working with women of all shapes and sizes. I am excited for you all’s launch and can’t wait to shop foe my new school year wardrobe.

Ever year we have clothes we put away for the season, but with simple changes as our mom Nich shows, you can transition your summer to fall or fall to winter fashions with just these quick add-on’s.

Summer: keep it simple light makeup, messy bun, and a good chunky heal, paired with an neutral straw cross body purse.

Sticking with the simple and chic transition into the Fall by adding booties, a denim jacket and good arm candy to pull it all together.

This winter we transitions with soft and hard. We paired our leather boots and fringe jacket , popping with a semi statement necklace. How would you style our Kim Flair dress?